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Motion Images: 3 Stunning Concepts to Follow

Motion images are widely used in photography today, which is why we have provided concepts for you to try, and how to take these images.

What are Images with Motions

Motion images and motion photos are some of the stunning features launched alongside the Google Pixel 2 a couple of years ago, and it was designed to take photos with videos. It basically comprised of a total of 3 seconds, of which 1.5 seconds will be taken before the picture and 1.5 seconds after the photo has been taken.

When used on Android apps, motion photos tend to behave just like the conventional JPEGs, but today, there are several photo editing tools that can be used in overwriting original photos with edited ones. You wouldn’t want the edited photos to lose the embedded video.

There are so many things to understand about motion photos, which is why in this article, we are providing you with all the key information to help you understand the concept even better, so continue reading.

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Motion Images – photoAC

Concepts of Awesome Motion Images to Follow

Photos and images in motion are rapidly becoming a trend in 2022 because they are exciting, fun, and they bring positive energy. There are so many things that are involved in taking this type of image, and among these include increasing the ISO speed, increasing the shutter speed, and option the aperture even more.

Creating photos where the subject is the only focus and every other thing is blurred requires learning how to pan the camera. With this technique, you can follow the moving subject without losing its focus. Panning is a technique that is used for photography in motion, as well as still photography.

If you’re looking for images in motion that you can use in your design, we have put together a few concepts that you can find in the photoAC gallery. These images will inspire you in 2022, and you can use them for any design.

In Motion – On Water

If you’ve ever had to capture a picture underwater, you’ll understand how tricky it can be, and when you don’t know the right technique to use, it’s almost impossible to achieve. Capturing motion images in water is almost like capturing a magical event. The waves in water serve to represent the fluidity of life and the flow of energy. It serves as a reminder to viewers of the sound they hear crashing on the water shores, which further delivers a feeling of peace and tranquility.

motion images set photoAC a girl swimming
Motion Images – photoAC

Motion images in water, especially when it captures children and people splashing water, is a way of showing excitement in summer. It can also inspire a positive change through the sun that shines on the moving water, as well as the energy-inducing and vibrant visuals that it delivers.

You can use motion images for designs that will relay an uplifting spirit, as well as a message of positivity. Another way to use these images is for travel magazines and even in brochures.

In Motion – On Wheels

If you want to perfectly visualize the bustle and hustles of our daily living, especially in the city, there’s no better way to achieve this than to use on wheels motion images. This comprises photography in the motion of different vehicles, including cars and buses. You can also include bikes or multiple cars moving on the highway.

On wheels, motion photos can also include pictures that deliver an athletic message or even an adventurous message. This can include images of people skateboarding or an athlete riding a BMX bike.

motion images set photoAC bike across water
motion images set photoAC girl driving car
motion images set photoAC a little girl skating

In general, wheels are a perfect representation of life’s cycles and constant motion.

In Motion – In the Air

Motion images can also capture subjects in the air, either mid-trick or mid-jump, and this can be from bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, or even parkour. These are a great way of expressing an uplifting message, and it helps to symbolize air which represents thinking, learning, knowledge, and communication in alchemy.

Today, you’ll find different visuals of people that were captured midair, and they come out great when used on design projects for athletic and sports pursuits, as well as for physical activities. In addition, the motion photos may also include subjects captured while performing one key activity or the other. This could be when they are dancing, running, or even jumping, and the images can deliver a positive and forward outlook on life.

These are some of the concepts that you can use when capturing images in motion, and you can implement these ideas to almost any type of design. As a photographer, this is an area that you should consider focusing on as it is a great way of expanding your portfolio. Motion images are in increasing demand, and with these concepts, you can start capturing amazing motion photos.

motion images set photoAC parkour
motion images set photoAC parkour
motion images set photoAC parkour

How to Take Motion Photos

Now that you know some of the concepts that you can apply when capturing motion images, the next thing is to start capturing these images by using the concepts we have provided. However, you’ll need to know how to go about this, as well as the right things to do. We have provided more details about this below, so continue reading.

One thing you should note is that most of the memorable and best moments of life are mostly captured in motion. Whether it’s a picture of your daughter dancing or that of your brother playing on his skateboard, capturing these images can be really memorable.

However, most digital cameras today don’t like moving, and in most cases, when you capture the subject in motion, they will most likely come out blurred. That leaves us to wonder about the best ways to capture motion images.

Here are a few tips that you can apply:

Shutter Speed

When taking pictures of a moving subject, you might want to use a faster shutter speed for best results. Your shutter speed should be at least 1/500, or even higher if you want your picture to appear clear enough. However, one thing that you should remember is that when you use extremely faster shutter speed, it might lead to underexposure of the photos that you capture.

Also, with faster shutter speed, you are lowering the amount of light that’s entering the image sensor. Therefore, with a higher shutter speed, you are more likely to take darker pictures. If you’re taking the picture outdoors, it may not be a problem for you, but when indoors, you might need to get a flash to use. Alternatively, you can also change the aperture or increase your ISO to counter the underexposure.

Increasing the Aperture

Another option that will come in really handy for you when capturing moving images is to increase your aperture. This is the hole that allows the entry of light into the camera. We recommend using a low f-stop so that more light can come in. With this, you can easily counter the effect of lower light, which often arises from faster shutter speeds.

One thing that you should remember when increasing your aperture is that it may lessen the field depth of your photos. This implies that most of the elements of the photo that you want to capture will be out of focus. Using a high f-stop on the other hand will help you capture the scene in focus.

Use a Flash

As mentioned earlier, this is a great way to reduce the effects of low light conditions, especially when you’re capturing the image indoors and using a fast shutter speed, which further reduces the among of light. By using a flash, you can easily correct poor light conditions.

However, most of the cameras we have today come with flashes that only have a short range. This implies that you may need to only be a few feet away from the subject to maximize the benefits of these flashes.

Use a High ISO

With a high ISO, you can easily increase the aperture and shutter speed of your camera, and when you do this, you won’t have to worry about the images coming out blurry or dark. However, what you should note about high ISOs is that in some instances, they produce grainy pictures or pictures with a lot of digital noise.

No photographer will want to take pictures that are not sharp. However, you can easily achieve this when you increase the shutter speed and use a flash to correct darkness, and also when you utilize a higher ISO. In addition to these solutions provided above, the last thing that you might want to try is panning, and here’s what it’s about.


Ever seen an image showing a city, with all the cars and other vehicles moving through the trail of light, and wondered how the image was captured? For you to capture this type of image, you’ll need to ensure that you hold your camera as steady as possible to ensure that it properly captures everything, including the trail of light as cars pass through.

Well, the reverse of this is how panning works. Rather than holding your camera steady, you’ll need to move it with respect to the movement of the car. Doing this will capture the car in focus, with the rest of the city in a blurred background behind.

Well, this is easier said than done, and many photographers might have a hard time trying to achieve this. If you want to try this one, here are some steps to follow:

1.       Stick with a Slow Shutter Speed

When panning, you’ll need to lower your shutter speed below what you use when taking normal photos. However, you should always remember that light is a key factor when adjusting shutter speed, and this will determine the level to which you lower the shutter speed.

Since you’re lowering the shutter speed, you’ll need to ensure that your hand is as steady as possible if you want to capture great shots. It’s advisable to use a tripod to prevent unnecessary movement of your camera.

2.       Select a Great Background

The background has a key role to play when panning, even though it will be blurred while the subject is in focus. Regardless of this, you still need to ensure that you select a great background and also ensure that it does not distract people from the subject. It’s advisable to choose a background that’s plain and has very few or no distracting shapes.

3.       Pre-focus on the Spot you want to Capture

For this, you’ll need to set your camera to allow it to easily focus on the sharpest when they get to the point where you want to capture the image.

4.       Gently Release the Shutter

It doesn’t end after releasing the shutter. You can continue to follow the subject so that the picture looks as smooth as possible. This is a great way to increase the visual appeal of the motion images that you capture.

If you follow these steps and still end up with a disastrous image, then you may need to try again rather than lose patience. This is because to effectively perform planning, you need to apply extra patience. This is a skill that you will need to practice a lot for you to become a master at it. Generally, the best thing is to start practicing on a busy street or in conditions where they are so many cars. With this, it will only be a matter of time for you to master the skill and start capturing great motion images.

The last thing we’ll mention is Chrono Photography, and this is also an important concept when it comes to capturing motion images. With this, you can easily capture movement in different frames and display them beside each other in what will look like a progressive phase. It is worth mentioning that for this, you’ll also need a tripod and a series of post-processing procedures.