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10 Exotic Summer Color Palettes We Love

Read on to discover 10 of exotic summer color palettes that our expert has picked up for your next design and marketing campaigns.

Before we go into the details of summer color palettes, we’ll go through colors and what you should know about color palettes.

Have you ever looked at a color you immediately remembered a company or a brand? It’s because colors are powerful, and they can inform our emotions, thoughts, and even our mood. Studies have shown that many people make a subconscious judgment about a brand or a product a few subjects after seeing, with their assessment usually based on colors alone.

For user interface designers, one of the challenging tasks is to incorporate color into the interface they are designing, and this should be done such that the colors effectively communicate the brand’s identity. You might want to think that the color palette for a website is all about individual tastes and all, but the fact is that it relies majorly on a framework known as color theory, and this is a multilayered set of guidelines on how to effectively use colors in any design.

In this article, you’ll learn more about color palettes and how you can incorporate different colors into your design, so continue reading.

Importance of Colors in Design and Marketing

One of the most crucial parts of design and marketing is choosing the right combinations of colors. It’s also a key part of creating websites. Whether the design or marketing is by an individual or a professional company, the need to ensure the right use of colors cannot be overemphasized. This is a key thing that will determine if your site will receive the viewers you desire or not. A website that is not appealing enough will not attract viewers.

A lot is being said about color theory today, but here’s a concise explanation to help you understand the theory even better. Before you start designing a website, you’ll need to understand how color schemes operate, and it’s worth mentioning that color schemes start off by going through the color wheel. On the color wheel, you’ll find three different color groups: primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

From the color wheels, you’ll find out that primary colors comprise red, yellow, and blue, all of which cannot be created by combining other colors together. On the other hand, mixing these primary colors together will yield secondary colors. The last group, which is the tertiary colors, is created by mixing secondary colors together.

Basically, color theory forms the basis for which colors are effectively combined, regardless of the purpose, it’s designed to serve. It also makes it easy for people to understand the right way to combine these colors effectively. Ensuring that the colors you choose are harmonious to the eye is also an important thing, and it’s achievable with the aid of color theory.  

One trick to use when combining colors is to begin by combining comparable colors to see what the outcome of these colors will be like. When combining colors for design or for a marketing campaign, it’s equally important to ensure that the colors are not excessively bright so that you don’t distract people away from the content.

With all that we have said, you might start to wonder if colors are actually that important and if they really matter or not. The importance of color, whether used for design or marketing purposes, can be seen from its significance to the human mind. As mentioned earlier, color helps express messages effectively, generate certain emotions, create ideas, and spark interest.

Another important thing to note about colors is that some are universally significant. A popular example is with red color, which is often used as a warning, and green which generally means go. Also, a lot of people use red and green colors on Christmas and other similar occasions.

In general, bright colors usually give off a positive and happy mood, while dark colors give off the complete opposite. On the other hand, cool colors symbolize calmness, harmony, and peace, while warm colors show creativity, optimism, and excitement.

When choosing colors to use for design or marketing, it’s important first to ensure that you actually like the colors that you choose. In addition to that, you’ll also need to ensure that the color effectively strengthens your website and brand as a whole. One important thing you should always remember is that colors, not every color, will be pleasing when combined with other colors, even though they are pleasing when used alone.

With that said, you’ll need to ensure that you consider the color combination as a science and as an art. When viewing it as a science, you’re basically seeing whether the colors can work together, and as an art, you’re trying to understand what the color stands for, as well as how to emotionally and internally evaluate the colors.

One amazing thing about colors today is that there are so many tools with which you can get the best color combinations to use. With this, you can easily get your business noticed and also attract clients from across the world.

Summer Color Palettes for you

Now that we have covered the important things you should know about colors as well as the importance of colors, especially for the design and marketing, we can now continue with the different summer color palettes that you might want to consider trying.

Here are a few summer color palettes that you might want to try for design or marketing:

1.      Sunflower and Happy Little Girl

The image is an awesome blend of summer colors that will be perfect for use on any website or marketing campaign. The colors that constitute this palette include army green, dark moss green, shadow, antique bronze, and Spanish bistre. This is one color combination that you cannot go wrong with, and what’s certain is that it will give a cool and warm appeal regardless of how you use it.

Summer Color Palettes sunflower and happy girl photoAC

2.      Pop Swimwear

The next color combination on our summer palette list includes the colors featured in this image. This is a perfect color combination that you can use on your website or in your marketing campaign for a bright and beautiful appeal to your design. The colors that make up this palette include tan Crayola, chrome yellow, fulvous, honey-yellow, and copper-red. If you own a lifestyle business, or something related to that, this may be a perfect color combination to utilize.

10 Exotic Summer Color Palettes We Love

3.      Watermelon Frame

Using the color combination in this picture is a great way to get your viewers excited to use your products and services. It also gives off a bright appeal, regardless of how you use the colors, and with that, you can be sure that it’d be visually appealing in your design or marketing campaign. The colors that make up this summer color palette include amazon, red Crayola, light coral, blizzard blue, and imperial red. Try this color combination on your design, and marvel at the outcome.

collage 2

4.      Topping Sugar Ice Cream

Ever visited a website and noticed how it’s uniquely bright with a blend of colors with blue and grey shades. These are colors that give an impressive appeal, irrespective of how they are used, and if you want to do something similar on your site, then you might want to consider this color combination. The colors that are included in this palette include gainsboro, Azure X 11 Web color, platinum, Xanadu, and Morning Blue. Set the feeling right with the aid of this color combination.

collage 3

5.      Topping Ice Cream

This is also similar to the summer color palette mentioned above, but it’s particularly brighter as it also features showy colors like a cedar chest and Spanish pink. Other colors included in the combination include Davys grey, Columbia blue, and dark sky blue. You can incorporate these colors into your marketing campaigns.

collage 4

6.      Deep Blue Sea

There are a lot of things that are said about the blue color. We basically live in a blue world, and there’s the blue color in almost every turn. From seas, and even the sky is blue. One interesting thing about the color is that it comes in different shades, and you can use a combination of these shades in your design, whether it’s for a website or in a marketing campaign. Here are some of the shades of blue that you can combine to make up a perfect summer color palette; sky blue Crayola, Spanish blue, pacific blue, and blue Munsell. You can go wrong with these colors.

collage 6

7.      Citrus Fruits

You might have already noticed that there are different species of citrus fruits available, and there’s always something peculiar to these fruits, including their colors. You can combine some of these colors to come up with a great summer color palette. The colors included are honey yellow, congo pink, Windsor tan, yellow-green Crayola, and dutch white. Try this palette and marvel at how it’ll change the visual appeal of your website.

collage 7

8.      Woman Listening to Music

You’ll look at this picture of a woman listening to music and start to wonder why it’s so great and beautiful. It’s simply because of the synchronization between the colors that are included in the picture. You can combine these colors into a summer color palette and use them for design or in your marketing campaign. The colors to include are camel, grullo, lavender web, independence, and roman silver.

collage 8

9.      I’m Off. at 15

The next summer color palette on our list is one that you won’t easily find everywhere, as most websites prefer to use conventional colors. However, if you want your brand to stand out while retaining your brand message and engaging your customers, then this is a color combination that you should consider trying without hesitation. The colors that make up for this palette include chestnut, tumbleweed, raw sienna, rosy brown, and platinum.

collage 9

10.  Wanna some grapefruits

This is the last on our list of summer color palettes that you should try using in your design and marketing campaign. This color will add a unique flavor to your design, and if you want to try it out, then the colors to include are gainsboro, artichoke, slate gray, khaki web, and bole. Colors always come out great if you use them rightly, but when used wrongly, it only gives off a wrong appeal to your design.

collage 10

These are some of the best summer color palettes that you might want to consider including in your design or marketing campaigns. There are so many reasons to use ensure that you are using the right color combinations in whatever you do. Remember that colors are the most powerful design tool and have a significant impact on individual emotions and even well-being. Colors also impact how we perceive things, and as such, using colors should always be done rightly.

Colors are not only utilized by designers alone, and today, even markets in different parts of the world utilize summer color palettes in a different marketing campaign. It is worth mentioning that you can get all the pictures we have provided in this article on photoAC, and if you are looking for a nice color palette to utilize, you might want to consider some of the pictures available on photoAC as a source of inspiration for you.

Remember that understanding the psychology behind colors is an easy way of tapping into the perspectives of your viewers, as well as into their emotions and how they see things. We have provided 10 summer color palettes for you to choose from in your marketing campaign and design. Get started with some of these summer color palettes today.

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